About Sierra:

As a RN (registered nurse) and an instructor of Viniyoga (therapeutic yoga), my approach to teaching focuses on developing practices that safely address my student's unique needs.

I am able to work collaboratively with your healthcare practitioner (physical therapist or chiropractor) to develop a yoga practice that will continue to support your healing journey.

As a Certified Essential Low Back instructor, I place special emphasis on development of core strength and endurance in a low stress environment.  

Yoga is about cultivating peace of mind and focus in the midst of work or stress.

We work our bodies so we can rest more deeply. 

Training (Totalling 1,040 hours):  

Nov 2014 - Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) 200 hour training Movement Arts/Kara Keating (Camano Island, WA). 

August 2015 - 40 hour Essential Low Back Program certification, Essential Yoga Therapy/Robin Rothenberg (Fall City, WA)

January 2016 - July 2017 - RYT 500 hour Advanced Teacher Training plus 300 hour Yoga Therapy Bridge Program. Essential Yoga Therapy/Robin Rothenberg (Fall City, WA)        

Finding Your Truth


Essential Truth Yoga is about finding your path to peace of mind through physical postures, breathing techniques and meditation.  

Essential Truth Yoga